Signal 30
Green Jellybeans Alligator
I Don't Know Hard Rock Night
Time Loom Shadows Crossing
Why Oh Why Hex
Arachnid Assassin Exorcism
Liquid Engineers Direct Shit
Holy Shit Sue Me
Cut the Line My Oh My
Visions Drag Revolution
Tomorrow Miss Golden Horse Sublime
Jump On In Tomorrows Children
Johnny Can't Be Christmas, The 25th
Christmas , The 25th (Country Version) Shoobydo I Luv You
Beyond This Life Contagious
Cherub Garden Summer in the Islands
B 17 Hop Scotch
Autumn Beautiful
Baby It's True Boom Go Bang
Joy American Greed, American Creed
Keep On, Keepin' On Diamond Destiny
A Song For Dan Hook, Line and Sinker
I Love My Man Dangerous
Alligator (New Version) Constipation
Hey Babe (New Version) Baby It's True (New Version)
In The City Turn It Over
Lunacy (New Version) Outer Space.
Cars Obsession
Resonata in C Minor Technotropolis
Lounge Act Temptation
The Phantom Unmasked Casting Runes
I Love My Beak Electronic Peace Dance
Elle Rocks Metro City Girl
Glass Diamonds Paint and Spackle
Popsicle Fairies Bubbles
Fat Chance Celeralian Minstrel
No Balls Hell's Kitchen
Bad B Movie Parrot Island
Going Shoppin' I Don't Think So
Abandoned Church Beautiful Ciphers
Beethoven's Kingdom Busy Airport
Carillon Romance Concerto #5 Church
Drifting On A Dream Drying Time
Freestylin' Glam It Up Turn It Out
Harrisburg Jezebel's Theme
John's Shitty Pants Polka John's Tires
Monster Monster My Last Lullaby
Opus for Marionette in F Major Orange Cheek Wax Bill
Orange World Out of Orbit (Instrumental)
Pep Rally Pirates
Prelude for Moonlit Roses in C Minor Project X
Roll With It Spoiled Food
Tropicale Tubeway
Up In New York Vapor
Vierne's Return: A Discordant Symphony We Just Got To Believe Again
King of the Hill Oh Yeah!!!
Say Herrah! Carnival Of Death
Indian Graveyard Ghost Train
Rainy Day Fire
News Flash Dirty City
Alien Wedding Piece Automatronic
Telephone Alien Attack
Chalet Protilius Blues Song II
Corona Concequence Alien Saucer Factory Floor
Airy Brutal Atmosphere
Ganja Kathy, The Girl Of My Dreams
Homeless A New Begining
It's The Dog Or The Girl Whirlybird
The Mission Pretty Baby
We'll All Be Home For The Holi