Signal 30
Cherub Garden
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by Rusty Newcomer and Scott Robey

To most we are forgotten
Mothers angel we remain
Our flowers have all rotten
Absorbed into our brain
I could hear (our leaders) coffin
At the moment when we rose
I dig the song he sings us
Which he says he decomposed

Ring around the rosy
Pocket full of poesy's
Just when things seem cozy
Pop goes the weasel
We come out after dark
And dance amongst the stones
We frolic in the mist
Just rotting skin and bone
Face pale white and green
Hair is straggly long
Clothes dangling at the seams
Chanting ancient songs
(Chorus) (Repeat) (Bridge)
Skipping in a circle
Hands locked while we laugh
Hiding from the tag of it
Behind old epitaphs
Marbles on the marble
Jacks upon the vault
Won't take the rules for granite
We're fraternal cherub cult
Behind the stones my friends all creep
Coming up from six feet deep
Our spirits conjured from the sky
Demons since the day we died
(Chorus) (Repeat)
Short Song Description:
It's a story that Scott Robey and I came up with taking about dead children coming back to life in the middle of the night.
Long Song Description:
Story Behind the Song:
Scott Robey and I were talking about this idea and were coming up with a lot of words relating to death that could be used to describe childsplay.
Lyric Credits: Rusty Newcomer and Scott Robey
Music Credits: Rusty Newcomer and Scott Robey
Producer Credits: Rusty Newcomer
Publisher Credits:
Performance Credits: Rusty Newcomer and Scott Robey
Label Credits:
Song Length: 3:51
Primary Genre: Rock-Gothic
Secondary Genre: -
Tempo / Feel: Medium (111 - 130)
Lead Vocal: Duet Male
Subject Matter 1: Ghosts
Mood 1: Restless
Similar Artist 1: Disturbed
Language: English