Signal 30
The Mission
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The Mission
by Rusty Newcomer
(Verse 1)
Pushing forward it's hard to see
Fell down upon one knee
Found some shelter beneath a tree
Don't know what's going to be
Struggle keeps moving on
My spirit is not all gone
Get to the place unknown
My cover is not yet blown
(Chorus) (Four Times)
Yes I'm Going To Get Cha
(Verse 2)
Patience is all that's left
Escape is the final test
The grounds in touch with my chest
I slither away from their best
Now the missions done
It seems that now I've won
Something deep down in my soul
Helped me complete this goal
(Chorus) (Four Times)
Yes I'm Going To Get Cha
The mission has gone like a charm
The enemy has received great harm
But the war is still going on
Our troubles are still not all gone
Is anything settled by this
Is there something that I may have missed
Has anything gone away
Or is it all here to stay
Short Song Description:
A song I wrote a couple years back after reading a true story!
Long Song Description:
This is a story about war!!!
Story Behind the Song:
This is a true story about a guy who went behind enemy lines and by himself took out the leader of a band of soldiers who would sneak on their troop and attack them in the middle of the night. I found this guy to be so inspiring and brave that it stuck in my head till I had to express it in a song!!! It was so incredible how he did it and got away! I hope you are as inspired as I was!!!
Lyric Credits: Rusty Newcomer
Music Credits: Rusty Newcomer
Producer Credits: Rusty Newcomer
Publisher Credits: TimeLoom Publishing
Performance Credits: Rusty Newcomer
Song Length: 3:43
Primary Genre: Rock-General
Secondary Genre: Rock-Modern
Tempo / Feel: Medium (111 - 130)
Lead Vocal: Male Vocal
Subject Matter 1: Violence
Subject Matter 2: Patriotic
Mood 1: Tense
Mood 2: Anxious
Language: English
Era: 1960 - 1969