Signal 30
Carnival of Death

People do die at carnivals!!! It can be spooky!!!
Ghost Train

A Halloween thriller!!!
Outer Space

Spark wants you to join her in Outer Space!!! Wouldn't like to go there and get away from this rat race!!!
Hell's Kitchen

Hell's Kitchen is a place in New York City!!! My wife lived in Brooklyn while attending art classes at FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology)!!! She said she misses The Big Apple!!!
Hook Line and Sinker

This song is about every fisherman's dream come true!!!
Kathy, The Girl Of My Dreams

This story is about a person confiding in a friend about weather they should get into a relationship or not. It's actually about me meeting my wife!!! Rusty
Native American Electronic Peace Dance

This song is dedicated to our indigenous people

This song is about how we are so obsessed with telephones these days!

This song is about becoming robots!

A blues song with a couple different twist. It's about a young person wanting to be a famous blues artist signed to Alligator Records.
Diamond Destiny

A song Spark wrote about a woman's desire to feel glamorous.
A Song For Dan

Spark wrote this song about her brother (Dan Hartman) who died too young (43). It is very heartfelt and she had a very difficult time doing the vocals. She still misses her brother so very much!!!
Green Jellybeans

A punk song that Spark came up with and I arranged. She wrote the major hook and wrote all the lyrics. It was recorded, mixed and mastered by Jeff Meglio at Cape Sound.
Hard Rock Night

I wrote the music for this and Spark wrote the lyrics. She based it on the band Kiss.
Arachnid Assassin

This is a Gothic Rock song Spark and I came up with many years ago.

This is a Goth song Spark and I wrote many years ago!
No Balls

This is a punk song that Spark came up with!
Going Shoppin'

Spark is sharing the excitement of shopping in a thrift store.
Metro City Girl

Spark wrote this song about her experiences living in New York City.

A song Spark came up with about blowing bubbles.

A song about the changing season
Glass Diamonds

This song is about believing you are a star and believing in yourself.

A song about a risky relationship!!!

This song is about a temptress

This is a song about lust.
B 17 (On the Attack)

A song about the B 17 bomber.
B 17 (The Mission)

The song is about the B 17 bomber.
Summer in the Islands

A slideshow to Spark Hartman's latest song. My wife wrote this after our trip to Jamaica!!!
Beyond This Life

Just a peaceful song my wife came up with.

This is a slideshow of Spark my co-writer and the singer in most of our songs. We hope you enjoy the slideshow. This song has more of her influence in it than mine. Thanks for watching it. Rusty and Spark

This is a slideshow of things that Spark picked out that bring her joy!!!