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It's The Dog Or The Girl
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It's The Dog Or The Girl
by Rusty Newcomer 03/26/2022

Well I left my baby So I could keep my hound
Ya know I left my baby Won't give up my hound
Now you know my baby's on the other side of town
I don't need that clown

Well I heard your honey Is a real live doll
You can bet your money She's a real live doll
Once I tell you this you're gonna lay down and bawl
That makes my skin crawl

Now all the ladies Like my cousin Dick
Yes all the ladies Love that awful prick
Seeing all them with him really makes me sick
He must know the trick
There's my cousin Sal She's a real sweet gal
Lookin' for a man To be her life long pal
But when he see's her face it resembles a cow
And her breath is fowl

Ran into Uncle Artie He was drunk as hell
He was at a party I promised I wouldn't tell
He threw up in my car what an awful smell
What a tale to tell

I lent a friend my car He said he'd bring it back
Said he wouldn't go far That he'd be right back
He left my car on a railroad track
Boy did it get smacked
Yes I have a sister So young and sweet
So many say they miss her She is hard to beat
Somehow she makes a living out on the street
In her bare feet

Went to see my dad In the county jail
He said to me dear son Why didn't you pay my bail
My answer to my dad was it must still be in the mail
It never fails
Ya know I turn and ramble To find a new way
Should I take the gamble To change my ways
Every time I go back home it's the same ole place
It's hard to face

Well I came home last night Ohhhhhh! My
Well I came home last night Ohhhhhh! My
I'm glad I have my hound Ohhhhhh! My
No wonder way
(Chorus) x4
Now you know our life got better
For my dog and me

It's The Dog Or The Girl

What! Am I coming back?
Who's gonna clean up the dog crap?
Who's gonna clean up the hair?
Who's gonna take him for a walk?
Are you gonna pay for his food?
Am I supposed to put up with his slobbering all over me?
What about his stinky smelly breath?
And what about yours?
Get the damn dog to fetch your beer,
wash your filthy clothes,
cook that nasty stuff you like to eat,
Put up with your crumby friends who are always trying to hit on me,
And that rotten mother of yours,
Who's gonna entertain her sorry butt when she shows up
And your sleazy sister with her sleazy clothes
What about that jailbird dad of yours
He cant keep his hands to himself
He does the same to that hussy girlfriend of yours
You think I didn't know
Sure you want me to come back
You're a loser,
Have a nice life you bum

Short Song Description:
I consider this a psychedelic redneck blues song!!!
Long Song Description:
This song is about a guy from the back hills country who can't leave his past alone!!!
Story Behind the Song:
This something I came up with a few months ago. I classify it as a psychedelic redneck blues song. I got my wife to do the rant in the end. Hope you like it!!!
Lyric Credits: Rusty Newcomer
Music Credits: Rusty Newcomer
Producer Credits: Rusty Newcomer & Kathy Hartman
Publisher Credits: Time Loom Publishing
Performance Credits: Rusty Newcomer & Kathy Hartman
Song Length: 8:43
Primary Genre: Blues-Rock
Secondary Genre: Blues-Rural
Tempo / Feel: Medium (111 - 130)
Lead Vocal: Duet Male/Female
Subject Matter 1: Frustration
Subject Matter 2: Dogs
Mood 1: Distressed
Mood 2: Disconcerted
Language: English
Era: 2000 and later