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Corona Concequence
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Corona Consequence

By Rusty Newcomer 3/23/2020

Today things are so different Our norms have surely changed
Good times of the past now gone Our destiny rearranged
There is no direction From men who cannot lead
Our lifestyles have been taken Destroyed by their greed

I guess we'll have to struggle Just to live another day
With an unknown path before us They won't listen to what we say
We need to change our course now Before the king destroys us all
It's time for intervention We must act so we don't fall
Let's change our world today That's all I have to say
So get the fuck out of our way Or you will have a price to pay

Science cures our problems If we listen and take a stand
With answers right before us But no political will at hand
The situation's dire now Those in charge just should not be
We're in the eve of destruction Without change we won't be free
They didn't listen to the experts Telling us the truth
They didn't give a damn About me and you
They're worried more about money Than worried about their soul
But when they come to their end They'll have a different goal
Story Behind the Song:
Tired of being lied to!!!
Lyric Credits: Rusty Newcomer
Music Credits: Rusty Newcomer
Producer Credits: Rusty Newcomer
Publisher Credits: TimeLoom Publishing
Performance Credits: Rusty Newcomer
Song Length: 3:43
Primary Genre: Rock-Hard Rock
Secondary Genre: Rock-Modern
Subject Matter 1: Disgust
Subject Matter 2: Sanity/Insanity
Mood 1: Distressed
Mood 2: Disturbed
Language: English
Era: 2000 and later